Version Française Stages de tissage
German version Handwebkurse

At sunrise on the appointed day the seventh ancestor Spirit spat out eighty threads of cotton; these he distributed between his upper teeth which acted as the teeth of a weaver’s reed. In this way he made the uneven threads of a warp. He did the same with the lower teeth to make the even threads. By opening and shutting his jaws the Spirit caused the threads of the warp to make the movements required in weaving […].
As the threads crossed and uncrossed, the two tips of the Spirit’s forked tongue pushed the thread of the weft to and fro, and the web took shape from his mouth in the breath of the second revealed Word […]
The words that the Spirit uttered filled all the interstices of the stuff: they were woven in the threads, and formed part and parcel of the cloth. They were the cloth, and the cloth was the Word. That is why woven material is called
soy, which means « It is the spoken word  ».

(Marcel Griaule, Conversations with Ogotemmeli : An Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas, Oxford University Press USA paperback, dec.1976, p.27-28)

Hence, in Africa, in the mythical world of the Dogon, it is by means of weaving that the “Word” is born…
A symbolic image that awakens your imagination as you admire textiles, the incomparable touch of natural fibres, the harmonious juxtaposition of the colours.

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